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NextGen Council
A network within FAST that serves as a bond between Armenia and the next generation of Armenian and non-Armenian scientists, innovators, and tech entrepreneurs.
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General Information
NextGen, as it began

In October 2017 FAST created a NextGen Council to bring together the talent, knowledge and skills of young and motivated scientists, technologists and tech entrepreneurs from every corner of the world to provide a boost to scientific endeavors, technological developments, and entrepreneurship activities in Armenia and beyond.

The Council members come from different fields such as bioscience, medical sciences, machine learning, quantum engineering, as well as from technological and entrepreneurial spheres.

The Council is geographically diverse including members from Armenia to Europe, Asia and America. There is also a special emphasis on gender by having a significant number of female members involved in the Council.

“What might be more exciting for a young and passionate professional than to take part in a broad and complex initiative dedicated to the development of their motherland and backed up by world-renowned leaders in science and entrepreneurship? The creation of the NextGen Council within FAST was thus a genuine and organic continuation of this desire of young Armenians in science and technology fields to volunteer their time to the empowerment of our nation…”.
Erik Aznauryan
New Cycle - New Approach

In the scope of NextGen’s new cycle FAST has developed a new approach that will enable the talented and young members to be more directly engaged in the Foundation’s activities. The new members of the Council will get the chance to co-design and co-implement FAST programs, as well as initiate some projects of theirs that will serve the broader mission of FAST.

The new approach of the cycle will serve as a platform, where aspiring Armenian leaders of science and technology from all around the world will come together to build interdisciplinary connections and to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem. Through creating collaborations with academic and research institutions, as well as entrepreneurial communities, NextGen members will play a pivotal role in strengthening ties among Armenian and global talents in science and technology.

Why join the NextGen Council?

By becoming a member you will:

  • Be directly engaged in the creation and implementation of programs and by that play a tangible role in shaping Armenia’s scientific and technological future,
  • Gain exceptional opportunity to collaborate with FAST's local and global networks,
  • Have your own contribution to science popularization among youth and the general public in Armenia.
Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for being a NextGen Council member, the applicant must:

  • Be under 40 years of age,
  • Have exceptional achievements in their field of expertise,
  • Demonstrate motivation to contribute to the development of science and technology in Armenia,
  • Dedicate part of their time to working on FAST’s activities as well as to be able to visit Armenia once a year for an annual gathering.

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