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A 12-week entrepreneurial program designed for early-stage startups to provide them practical coaching, goal-setting and growing opportunities.
General Information
About the program

M1TQ is a 12-week entrepreneurial program with intensive practical coaching, goal-setting and growing. It is designed for early-stage startups with a competitive and marketable idea. The program consists of weekly sessions: from buyer persona development and prototype testing to cash flow forecasting and investment pitching. It ends with a Demo Day, where startups pitch their idea in front of angel investors, venture capitalists and community leaders.

Anyone with a competitive and marketable idea is welcome to apply. The program is designed for early-stage startups that aim to enter a validation stage. Startups from, but not limited to, these fields are welcome to apply: FinTech, EdTech, MilTech, AI, SaaS, GreenTech, e-commerce, and more.

The program is organized by Digitain and supported by FAST as a content partner and implementer. Thus, the startup teams will receive access to Digitain’s and FAST’s networks as well as a workspace at Digitain’s new facility.

M1TQ stages

  • Onboarding
  • Customer and Market analysis
  • Prototype design and testing
  • Business development
  • Pitching

Week program
Coaches involved
Selection process

The selection will consist of three stages. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview. After the interview, the best teams will pitch in front of a selection committee.

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Get acquainted with 8 startup companies that have reached the final stage of the M1TQ incubation program.


ArmBionics is a startup company that aims to transcend disabilities and create rehabilitation systems using cutting-edge research and technology. ArmBionics has successfully designed and tested 4 prototypes: Myoelectric hand, Mechanical hand, Part-hand, Sensor glove-controlled hand. The team plans to start the production within the next 3-6 months.

AR Trails

The AR Trails mobile app revolutionizes the hiking experience: it provides trail visitors with necessary information about surrounding nature and culture in audio, video, image, animation, 3D and other formats by using Augmented Reality. With this app, AR Trails startup company makes the hiking experience more attractive and reduces the cost of signboards installation.


As neuromarketing is the future, Axona startup company currently aims to develop a software based on their previous experience in neuromarketing that will automate all this process and make neuromarketing accessible to anyone using AI-based analysis method. Axona answers the questions related to purchasing behavior using neuromarketing, by reading the brains of the consumers (using the most advanced tools such as EEG and eye-tracker). This startup focuses on the virtual world of websites and SaaS aiming to improve the user experience. It offers customers the opportunity to understand the unconscious process that leads to buying products with the aim of providing solutions and giving a strong competitive advantage.


Gabby is Tinder and a health monitoring app for dogs. The app has free and paid versions, however, the free version has some limitations. The paid version offers customers to see pet owners, to have more swipes per day, super likes, skip the line to get more matches, rewinds, choose who sees them. Apart from this, Gabby suggests health monitoring functions for dog owners, such as tracking time, walking time, burned calories by solving the obesity problem among dogs.


MedSet is an easy setup smart pill organizer with adjustable smart functions that are designed to support the healthy daily pill routine anytime and anywhere. The first product of this startup company is the Pillbox: a solution that helps patients to improve medication adherence. With this product, they assist people to take their medicine in a proper routine, thus, increasing the effectiveness of medication and treatment.


Payman is a mobile application that connects all stakeholders in the beauty sector, allows in-platform booking and scheduling for customers and specialists. Additionally, it offers advanced analytical tools for beauty shop managers to promote and run their business in a more effective and smarter way. So, this startup company solves the problem of time-wasting via phone calls and as well as provides a new channel for new customer acquisitions.


The PrekogAI startup’s solution is a high-frequency, AI-based stock and cryptocurrency trading system. The company is committed to generating high investment returns for the customers by making precise price predictions. Given thousands of frequently changing factors, it is hard to make viable predictions without AI. Thus, the startup addresses this problem by making precise price predictions and does algorithmic trading based on that. To achieve high precision, their model is repeatedly trained on thousands of variables and millions of data points.


Rooshe is a multi-sided platform that connects adventurous users and foodies to strictly vetted and talented home cooks. An innovative app that allows users to purchase home-cooked meals while watching the streaming of how their dish is being prepared. The startup has developed this platform to give an opportunity to its users to make sure that the dish is prepared hygienically and with high-quality ingredients. Rooshe also has an ML-based algorithm to suggest the available nearby options matching with clients’ needs, interests and lifestyle.

If there are any questions related to the listed startups, feel free to get in touch with us via email address.