The Science & Technology Angels Network (STAN) hosted its 12th pitching session on February 24, 2023, where STAN angels got together to meet the startups aiming to transform their ideas into reality or scale their existing products with additional resources and guidance.

This time, 25 eligible startups applied to participate in the STAN pitching session. The competition was tough, and it was challenging to select the few who would make their pitch to STAN angels. The final decisions were made based on the startups’ readiness level, the stage in their lifecycle, and correspondence to the target areas. STAN prioritizes startups engaged in science and technology innovation, with a special focus on AI as a platform technology or technology integrated into various verticals.

After a careful selection, 5 startups were chosen for the main pitch. Here are the startups:

  • doodooc - a generative music visualization platform providing a high-quality solution for musicians and sound artists to create unique animated visualizations.

  • AAA Audio - a specialized creator of music production software known as virtual instruments used to score films, TV series, and video games that offers remote recording services to composers globally.

  • Foldink - a biotech startup developing bio-inks for the technology of 3D bioprinting to help scientists grow living tissues in laboratories and save lives.

  • Saima - an AI-based personalized adaptive speed solution that improves comprehension and memorization of video and audio materials by automatically tailoring the speed to an individual’s listening pace.

  • BrandLens - a content generation and engagement platform for effortless and authentic user-generated content video creation with communities, customers, fans, or anyone.

Watching a supportive community of prominent Armenian professionals invest and support innovative ideas is inspiring. We heard pitch presentations from 5 Armenian startups at the seed stage of their business. We look forward to seeing their ideas come to life!” said the founding angel of STAN and the founding CEO of the Foundation for Armenian Science & Technology (FAST), Armen Orujyan.

Following the pitching session, the STAN team organized follow-up meetings between the startups and the angels interested in investing in their venture. This process will be followed by due diligence and eventual investments in the startups.

In the last 12 months, STAN has invested over $160K in 5 startups. STAN helps promising Armenian startups to get access to risk capital and strategic guidance that propels them to the next step in their startup journey.

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