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AI Bootcamp
12-week intensive course on Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning
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General Information
About the program

FAST AI Bootcamp program was created to structure AI R&D centers, teams, and talent pipeline for partner companies. The 12-week intensive course on Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning was designed to provide all the training and resources for participants to effectively transition to and develop a career in Data Science and Machine Learning.

After the course, FAST’s mentors and/or partner companies led 4-week capstone projects allowing participants to apply their knowledge for practical applications.

Applicants from Armenia
Full scholarships
Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the FAST AI Bootcamp program, the applicant must:

  • Have at least intermediate-level knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, probability theory
  • Be familiar with Python programming language (proficiency in other languages like R, C++, Java, Mathematica, Matlab is an asset)
  • Be able to think outside the box
  • Be enthusiastic and motivated to bring ideas to life
  • Be passionate for Data Science
  • Knowledge of Classical ML algorithms and statistics is a plus
  • Software development experience is a plus

Selection process
  • CV submission
  • Screening/testing
  • Interview (for merit-based scholarships)
Applicants from Rwanda
Test participants
  • Deep Learning: Feedforward Neural Networks (NN), CNN, RNN, etc.,
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning

Specialized project-based modules

  • Introduction to Chemoinformatics
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Time series and hybrid models for algorithmic trading


Guest lectures from partners

Benefits for students
  • Extensive knowledge of fundamental algorithms and methodology in Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, and Graph Neural Networks
  • Participation in hands-on scientific and entrepreneurial workshops held by experts
  • Participation in networking events and meetings with local and foreign field experts
  • Focus on practical experience in working on an industrial R&D project
  • Opportunity to be interviewed by partner companies to get a job offer
Participation fee $250
Senior Research Associate (Data Scientist), ASCENT
Data Science Expert, FAST
Research Associate (Data Scientist), ASCENT
Artificial Intelligence Engineer, FAST
Senior Machine Learning Scientist / Engineer, Krisp
Data Scientist, ASCENT