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B-On Biotech Prototyping Lab
B-On provides access to biotech laboratory equipment and a coworking space.
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General Information

B-On biotech prototyping lab is established with a vision of creating an ecosystem enabler that will catalyze transforming Armenia into a regional biotech hub that will unite the scientific, technology, and entrepreneurial talent from the whole region and will create ties with the international biotech community and industry, thus targeting global niche vertical applications that could leverage Armenia’s positioning in the global value chains.

B-On's mission is to facilitate and support biotech teams from Armenia in realizing their innovative ideas and advancing disruptive technologies on a global scale. By providing resources, expertise, and a conducive environment, B-On aims to empower biotech enthusiasts in the transformation journey from student to scholar with an entrepreneurial mindset.

B-On is established and powered by the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) in collaboration with the Government of Armenia and the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) with a vision of transforming Armenia into a regional biotech hub by investing in the development of deep science and biotechnology.

B-On biotech prototyping lab is located in the territory of the Armenian National Agrarian University, the address to which is 74 Vahan Teryan Str., Yerevan, Armenia.

Supporters and Advisors

B-On is fueled by the generous donations and serves as an important platform for Armenia’s developing biotechnology industry and a catalyst for innovation. We thank those who continue to make an invaluable contribution to the advancement of the ground-breaking scientific research and commercialization projects in Armenia.

Main Supporters

  • The Government of the Republic of Armenia
  • Gateway Industry Inc.

Lab Supporters

  • Dr. Garabed Antranikian
  • eLabNext, Eppendorf Group
  • Dr. Hasmik Keshishian
  • Dr. Ashot Papoyan, Armenian Biotech Group of Boston
  • Ms. Zara Solakhyan, Armenian Biotech Group of Boston
  • Dr. Zaven Kaprielian, Armenian Biotech Group of Boston
  • Dr. Lusine Abgaryan, Proone Labs
Lab Equipment List