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Revive Deep Tech Accelerator
A program targeting growth-stage startups that have a ready scalable solution in assistive technologies.
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General Information
About the program

Revive Deep Tech Accelerator was designed and implemented jointly with UNDP and was part of its comprehensive veteran support program which has been developed to connect growth stage startups focused on assistive technologies both in Armenia and beyond. The selected startups will deploy their products into successful commercially viable projects aiding in the lives of Armenian veterans, in particular, those who have functional, psychological or other disabilities?

Through the joint efforts with Armenian hospitals and rehab centers, thorough research as well as mapping of veterans’ existing needs have been conducted. Thus, based on the research results, a global call for solutions will be announced to cover specific need-based challenges of the veterans.

Revive Deep Tech Accelerator sought to provide rigorous mentorship, incentivized grants and relocation assistance to growth-stage assistive tech startups with ready-made scalable solutions. Successful startups were selected for an intensive 5-week acceleration and 1-year relocation and support program to adapt and locally pilot their products (ranging from software systems to 3D-printed prosthesis). Besides, the startups will have an opportunity to extend their scope to global markets with the help of UNDP’s, FAST’s and partners’ networks.


  • Research and challenge design
  • Recruitment
  • Acceleration program
  • Winner selection
  • Operations in Armenia and solutions deployment

Week program
Selection process

The selection consisted of two stages. The shortlisted candidates were invited to an online interview, after which notified about the final decision of the selection committee.