Discovering the Future
Multifunctional platform for science-intensive ventures’ origination and development
General Information
About the program

Advanced Solutions Center (ASCENT) builds unique companies through an evolutionary methodology that create breakthrough technologies․ The innovative approach enables ASCENT to originate and foster the continuous development of science-intensive ventures, that can result in bountiful in aggregate value, thousands of patents and a pipeline to include a multitude of technological development programs․ The first chapter of the program has focused on Artificial Intelligence.

ASCENT aims to create advanced solutions and eventually spin-off companies. ASCENT’s researchers explore original scientific hypotheses for practical applications of AI. The research team(s) conceives and refines unconventional approaches to research problems, discover market niches where technological breakthroughs can take place, and develop revolutionary solutions. Prototypes/solutions are developed during the research. New companies are originated by capitalizing on those prototypes. The researchers working on a prototype/solution receive equity in the spin-off companies. A venture capital fund associated with ASCENT will invest in spin-off companies to ensure their growth.

Generated VHs
Deeply explored VHs
Launched ProtoCo
Research-to-company process

Company creation process unfolds in the following phases:


Groups work intensively on generating “out-of-the-box” research ideas that will lay the ground for the disruptive solutions of the future. The conceived hypotheses and ideas are to be constantly filtered and refined during the exploration process. The potentially unconventional breakthroughs are further compared to the existing solutions and market niches are identified.

ProtoCocurrently active stage

Idea feasibility study and testing take place. At the end of the phase either the idea is rejected, or, in case of a successful result, a prototype is developed and patented (if applicable). New members with specific expertise required for the deployment of the hypothesized solution are to join the core research team. As soon as a prototype is ready, a larger team (with the involvement of business members) is formed.


The company is established as an internal venture under the Advanced Solutions Center leadership for product and platform development plan, as well as assembling a broader team and board. At this stage, the company starts to raise additional investments.


The company can generate adequate sales, grow and thrive. CEO’s and other executive-level officers’ change may take place as the company grows and places new demands on senior executives.