Technologist with 13+ years of software development, software and security architecting experience, Davit Baghdasaryan is currently Co-Founder and CEO at “, Inc.”, a technology company building products in the space of audio, speech, and AI, with R&D located in Armenia. 2Hz is a current Berkeley SkyDeck (accelerator) Cohort member. Davit has overall 15 years of experience in the technology field with 9 years spent in various companies in “Silicon Valley”. Prior to starting the “2Hz” Davit was heading the Product Security Program at “Twilio, Inc.”, a large communication company based in San Francisco, for 3 years. Prior to “Twilio” Davit was a technical founder at the “Nok Nok Labs, Inc.” where he led the engineering of authentication solutions. He is the co-author of “FIDO”, UAF security protocol and has over 18 US patent applications.