Amalya Kostanyan is a doctorate candidate specializing in nano-engineering at the University of Cambridge. She is a scholar of the “Luys” Foundation, an award winner of many international competitions (seven awards including the Gulbenkian Global Excellence Scholarship, AIESEC Award for Creativity and Innovation, “Luys” Scholarship) and an influential speaker, promoting educational excellence and leadership among young Armenians. She is a passionate scientist working on the development of next generation flexible and transparent wearable devices using recent advances in nanotechnology. Amalya has a music degree specializing in classical music and does performances at Cambridge University. Amalya enjoys teaching and transforming her knowledge while doing supervisions and lab demonetarization for undergraduate courses at Cambridge University, as well as participating in summer schools with the “Luys” Foundation. Amalya is currently based in Cambridge University, where she is finalizing her PhD dissertation. She is very looking forward to investing all her knowledge and efforts in the continuation of her research in the area of nano-engineering. Amalya’s skills are in the areas of microsystems engineering; microprocessor design and implementation (digital and analogue chip design engineering); nanotechnology (development of organic electronics, development of next generation flexible and transparent wearable devices, graphene CVD and other C based nanomaterials, display technology, photonic systems); management and leadership (President of Cambridge University Armenian Society, Co-Founder and Ex-President of SOAR Oxbridge Chapter, ex-VPat AIESEC in Armenia). Her activities also include teaching as assistant at the Department of Engineering, Cambridge University; supervising and lab demonstration for semiconductor engineering course, data logger project, and integrate electrical project.