She has been teaching at the American University of Armenia for many years dealing with local and non-local students. Shoghig holds a dual bachelor’s degree in English and Engineering and a master’s degree M.A. in TEFL. She also holds Cambridge University’s official certificate in teaching qualification. She has been awarded a Teaching Excellence and Achievement certificate from both Claremont Graduate University in California and The U.S. Department of State in Washington DC. She has also worked with teachers and taught at different institutes throughout Armenia and elsewhere for a considerably long time to students from various backgrounds, levels of knowledge, and skillsets. She is an ambassador of educational equity and an advocate for teaching excellence and inclusive education. Her miscellaneous interests include providing rigorous teacher education in line with international standards, implementing innovative approaches to learning/teaching and assessment, E-learning, educational leadership, and learner variability. In addition, designing professional learning modules/courses and enticing the love of learning for all learners and teachers, is of utmost importance to her. She has been an expert trainer and mentorship support specialist and a Change Agent_Teacher Activity Groups facilitator/trainer in many respective organizations