Rem Darbinyan is on a mission to bring the brilliant aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence to every company that is looking to improve all angles of their business. With a master’s degree in risk analysis and crisis management, a bachelor’s degree in financial planning and services, and many years of experience in marketing, business management, and a unique take on new technologies, Rem seeks to help organizations, small and large, take their business to the next level. Motivated by the desire to witness companies thrive in the marketing aspect of the business, Rem invested in a dream of his own. In 2018, Rem founded SmartClick AI, an Armenian-American company that builds artificial intelligence and machine learning systems that understand the in-depth marketing dynamics of a company. Prior to founding SmartClick AI, Rem had the pleasure of starting several other startup companies. As a seasoned investor with over 30 investments to date and a passion for helping others, Rem has dedicated his career to AI. As technology is constantly developing, he enjoys the idea of being at the forefront of new discoveries for the better of humanity. It is Rem’s hope that through artificial intelligence and machine learning that he can benefit every client with the latest and most beneficial form of marketing technology. Rem was born in Armenia, relocated to Russia during childhood, and has since moved to the US in his adult life. He spends most of his time in the US but also spends time in Armenia while working for his business. In addition to this, Rem enjoys a beautiful life with his wife and their two daughters. Some of his favorite hobbies include collecting cool and unusual stamps and learning from new challenges.