Gurgen Martikyan is a mission-oriented entrepreneur and a dedicated technologist deeply committed to creating, supporting and promoting science and technology solutions aimed at benefiting our communities. His two decades of experience in business and technology leadership span a multitude of industries, including aerospace, energy, supply chain management, bioscience, software, and finance. He has been an instrumental technology leader in a spectrum of companies, ranging from startups to established Fortune 500s. In the early 2000s, as part of the initial team at Integrien, Gurgen architected and delivered an enterprise-level software solution, paving the way for Integrien acquisition by VMWare, which remains one of the most recognizable US-based technology industry employers in Armenia. Most recently, as vice president of Technology at Entertainment Partners, Gurgen spearheaded modernization and digital transformation efforts for the company. His contributions in the technology arena facilitated Entertainment Partners' recent acquisition by TPG Capital in a multibillion-dollar transaction. He has also led several technical due diligence efforts in other M&As. Currently, Gurgen is the co-founder and executive partner at NetGenix, Los Angeles based company with a mission to guide and support startups with the US and global market entry. Gurgen holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles, as well as numerous certifications and awards. He loves working with brilliant people and thrives in fast-paced and challenging environments; his hobbies include various outdoor activities as well as traveling with his wife and two children.