Aram Manukyan is the Head of the Solid-State Physics Laboratory of the Institute for Physical Research of National Academy of Sciences (IPR-NAS). He obtained his doctoral (PhD) degree in Condensed Matter Physics in 2005. His current research interests include synthesis of carbon nanoparticles and metal-carbon nanocomposites of different shapes and sizes by a technique of single-stage solid-phase pyrolysis, as well as characterization of their properties (morphology and structural analysis, magnetic properties, etc.). He has 15+ years' work experience in R&D, both in Armenia and abroad (Russia, Germany, France). Aram has acted as reviewer for several international scientific journals. His applied research is focused on synthesis of nanocomposite by pyrolysis method for different applications: (magnetic hyperthermia, microwave absorption, supercapacitor electrodes, etc.). He was coordinator of the FP7-608906-NANOMAT-EPC, Volkswagen Foundation-A108857, H2020 MaNaCa Projects and several Armenian national projects.