Dr Kristine Margaryan is a Head of the Research Group of Plant Genomics at the Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA and a Senior Researcher at Yerevan State University, Laboratory of General and Molecular Genetics. She has a long research experience in plant molecular genetics and genomics. She is a pioneer in the multidisciplinary study of Armenian grapevine biodiversity, conservation and characterization at genetic and genomic levels. Her research activity has been supported by several international (European Cooperation in Science and Technology- FA1003, FA1306, FA1407, CA6212, CA15223, CA17111, CA18111, CA19125, Erasmus +, DAAD-2015, 2018, 2021, ANSO 2021-2024, MES-BMBF etc.) and national grants. Through her direct effort, the first Armenian Vitis database http://www.vitis.am/, was established in 2018, which is linked to the EU Vitis database -http://www.vivc.de/ and the Chinesehttp://vitisgdb.ynau.edu.cn database.