Ania Baghoomian is completing her Bachelor of Science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in Human Biology and Society B.S. At the institution, she is currently conducting research on epitranscriptomic regulation of macrophage lipid metabolism in atherosclerosis. Her passion for research is underscored by a foundation in cardiometabolic diseases, prompting her to extend her influence into the Armenian diaspora, where she endeavors to find innovative solutions for the Armenian healthcare system. She is currently working on developing a study to assess hypertension management knowledge among Armenian primary care providers. Through her new role in the FAST foundation, she will work in the innovative field of radiobiology to assess the effects of radiation on clonal hematopoiesis and cardiovascular disease. Ania is a recipient of the merit and leadership-based UCLA Alumni Scholarship which has inducted her membership into the Alumni Scholars Club. This accolade has also granted her the role of a Presidential Associate, through which she will contribute to the enhancement of leadership, community engagement, and academic development within the UCLA campus community.