Foldink is a biomedical startup that develops and offers 3D bioprinting technology. This is an innovative technology of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, that allows using special 3D printers, to create living, viable tissues, using living cells and biomaterials. This technology can be used in testing different newly discovered drugs, personalized treatment approaches, development, and testing of chemical substances, cosmetics, etc. on 3D bioprinted tissues, using them as experimental models. Also, there is a perspective of using 3D bioprinted tissues in clinics. Besides medicine, 3D bioprinting has its multiple applications also in different biological and biotechnological disciplines.

Currently, the development of 3D bioprinting in the world is slowed down due to the fact that commercially available 3D bioprinters are too complex and unaffordable for many scientists. Our aim is to make 3D bioprinting technology more available for the scientific community, which will boost the development of 3D bioprinting-based solutions. We believe that this will lead to new discoveries, enabling the treatment of many diseases that are currently considered incurable.